Bodyarmour vest NIJ Level IV (4) - IN STOCK

commando-skottsakervast-i-nij-level-iv-4-gratis-platthallare-3984 COMMANDO

Beskrivning av Bodyarmour vest NIJ Level IV (4) - IN STOCK

Black vest made ​​of Kevlar (aramid), manufactured to protection class NIJ IIIA with plates 25x30cm in front and back in NIJ Level IV (4).

Manufacturer Commando.

This combination vest provides protection against 9mm Para, AK-47 and assult rifles and razor protective properties. Weight about 7 kg with pltes.

The vest has large pockets front and back for extra trauma plates (such as armor plate or Dyneema insert plates).

Western holder is made ​​of durable Cordura in black colour.

The vest and plates is tested by the producer for protection againts bullets. Test protocoll comes with the vest.


-Size adjustable by Velcro to size L - XL - XXL
-Material carrier vest : polyester
-Protection fibers : Aramid
-Including bag for transport  and storage
-Maximum 50 vests can be bought in one order.
-When the vest with the plates is taken home for an order (specially ordered), it does not have an open purchase / regret purchase. Once we have placed our purchase order with Commando, no repurchases / regrets can be made.
Lars Zandén frågade 7 months ago
Det står i produktbeskrivningen: STORLEK L/XL/XXL Västen kan ställas in för att passa en bärare som har storlek L, XL eller XXL. Men när man ska välja storlek finns endast xxxl… Dvs ett extra X. Jag har storlek L, passar xxxl mig?
Butiken svarade


Ja, den kommer att passa dig.

Mvh, Martin