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Knivvast-budget-2360-S SECTOR

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Affordable knife West - Model Budget!
A compact and convenient knife vest for those looking for the cheapest option in the body armor. The vest fits easily under a shirt or sweater. The vest is of good quality and protects the wearer front, back and forearms. A highly regarded West both for their functional properties, and its price!

The vest protects against
The vest is designed to provide protection against cuts, stings and direct blows with sharp or pointed objects, and to mitigate the impact of hard punches and kicks. Even shots from an iron pipe. The vest can also be used as protection in martial arts.

Vest Materials
The vest has front and rear 2.2 mm thick plastic plates and 1.2 mm aluminum plates. Plates can easily be collected. Total weight for the vest 1.5 kg. Vest outer material is made of durable Cordura. Black color.

The vest can be easily enhanced
The vest can easily be enhanced with additional cover plates to increase the vest knife protection or resistance to impact. The compartments front and back for this is 25 cm x 25 cm on the vest.

Can be upgraded with an extra plate for 9mm bullet protection
Protective vest can be upgraded for 9mm bullet protection with the following posts plates:
* RPS1 Bullet-proof panel - trauma plate for knife vests. Custom-made Dyneema plate for our knife body armor. Fits front and rear of the outer compartments of the vest. The plate has very low weight.

Is the knife vest certified?
The vest is not certified and Best buy Sweden therefore give no guarantee on the vest's resistance degree against external violence. We do however guarantee against manufacturing defects (eg seams going up, etc.). The same vest that we sell is a popular knife West in several European countries.

Undershirt is recommended!
Are you going to wear armor longer period it is almost impossible to be without a heat-reducing undershirt. We recommend our "Sweat & heat reducing undershirt for vest" as an accessory to the vest.

Sizes of protective vest
S-M (46-50), L-XL (52-56).
Measurements of the back in the height of the vest, MP = approx 42cm, L-XL = about 45.5 cm. The vest is easily adapted to fit around the body with Velcro for size, both how it will fit around the body and in the height direction.