Under Armour® 80 liters utrustningsväska

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Under-armour-bag-80liter Under Armour ®

Beskrivning av Under Armour® 80 liters utrustningsväska

Under Armour® 80 liters utrustningsväska

Super läcker utrustningsväska från välkända Under Armour®. Väskan rymmer upp till 80 liter och är i svart färg med Under Armour®´s snygga logga i silver.

Väskan är i hög kvalité med många fack samt vattenavvisande yttermaterial (Storm® impregnation)!

Tillverkarens beskrivining:

Size: 33 x 60 x 34 cm (H x W x D)
Volume: 80 liters
Material: 100% polyester
Color: black with silver Under Armor® logo

Large Under Armor® bag with printed Under Armor® logo and Storm lettering on one side and on the underside. Water-repellent Storm® impregnation of the outer material.

The handles can be centered with a padded envelope with velcro. The shoulder strap is adjustable in length, detachable and padded. A further handle at the side of the bag.

A large main compartment with 2-way zipper, gray inner lining and an inner compartment with zipper 16 x 12 cm, as well as two further compartments with zipper on both front sides.

One of the side compartments with an enlarged inner lining for storing shoes or wet clothing separate from the main compartment.

The other side compartment has an open deployed mesh pocket for items requiring rapid access, e.g. Key or wallet.

On the front is another compartment with zipper.

The base is made of abrasion-resistant plastic.

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